Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday Morning Caltrain Adventures

We have seemingly started a new tradition in the last couple weeks by taking the Caltrain places to have Saturday brunch.

Two Saturdays ago, we took Caltrain to Laurel St in downtown San Carlos. We jumped on the 11:19am train, watched the world go by on the 25 min train ride, had a nice leisurely brunch at Town, stopped by Vanilla Moon Bakery for some delicious cupcakes, played a bit at this great, independent children's bookstore called The Reading Bug, had a little time at the train station to do some yoga (see pic), and then jumped on the 2:01pm train back to Mountain View. A 3 1/2 hr trip altogether - and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning / afternoon.

Then, this past Saturday, we took the train to Menlo Park. While we hopped on the 11:19am train again and rode 15 min to Menlo Park, Wendy drove to Stanford Shopping Center to run a quick errand and met us for brunch at Ann's Coffee Shop, an old-school, inexpensive greasy spoon in the middle of posh Santa Cruz Ave.
After brunch, we met up briefly with our friends Joyce and Eddie to meet their new baby Diego at Cafe Borrone down the street. And then we drove home together. In hindsight, we could have easily taken the train home after that (the next train would have come in 15 min at 1:14pm), but it worked out well nevertheless.

This new "tradition" has been a lot of fun for us, and something we might try to do a couple times per month. We can have fun riding the trains and explore new restaurants and towns, all without having to get in a car!

More potential Saturday morning Caltrain stops:

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